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One of the first lines of defense in protecting your business, facility and employees from a fire is a well-maintained and properly functioning fire sprinkler system.

Fire sprinkler systems help by suppressing a fire until fire department can respond and arrive to extinguish the fire. But, in order for the sprinkler system to work properly, the fire sprinkler system needs to be properly maintained. This includes testing, inspection and service to ensure it will operate when you need it to.

When a fire occurs every second counts so having a properly functioning fire sprinkler system be the difference between protecting your most important assets and the loss of business operation time while waiting for repairs.

There are several reasons why a Fire sprinkler systems may not function when needed; some common reasons include — the system can have any number of service issues, such as reduced water pressure from the city, pressure gauges that are not functioning properly, water valves that are closed or other parts that just worn out and are now past their effective life cycle.


Common Sprinkler Maintenance Issues

These are common issues that can occur and are easily avoided — but unless you are having your fire sprinkler system maintained on a regular basis you may not be aware of any of these issues.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has published NFPA 25 which is the minimum standard for the inspection, testing and maintenance of all water-based fire protection systems – Fire Sprinkler Systems. Providing services that comply with NFPA 25 maximizes your Fire Sprinkler systems reliability and helps avoid failures. This helps to ensure fast, effective response of the Fire Sprinkler System in the event of as emergency.

The NFPA 25 Standard outlines and details the many periodic inspection, testing and maintenance procedures and tests that are required for water-based fire protection systems In addition to Sprinkler Systems NFPA 25 also outlines the requirements for the proper maintenance of standpipe systems, fire hose outlets, fire pumps, fire service pipe networks, and valves. NFPA 25 also outlines the requirements that need to be followed when a fire system impairment is found including the proper handling and reporting of the deficiency or impairment.

All wet, dry, pre-action and deluge Fire Sprinkler systems have weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual testing and inspection frequency requirements. For instance – did you know that all gauges and values need to be inspected weekly to make sure that the water and/or air pressure is in the fire sprinkler system are at the proper level and all valves are in the proper open/closed position.


Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Maintenance

Why do these important and required inspections and maintenance procedures matter so much to you as the business manager or owner? In the event of an fire, even just a few minutes or delay in the operation of your fire sprinkler system can be devastating. Every second is crucial to the success of the fire system and the minimization of down time for your business. When your fire sprinkler system is properly maintained and functioning, you will minimize the property damage, shorten the interruption to your business due to damage and repair and potentially reduced your insurance premiums.

Following the proper testing and inspection process that are outlined in NFPA 25 and maintaining a set schedule for the testing and inspection of your facilities Fire Sprinkler System can mean the difference between providing proper life safety of your employees, customers and property and discovering too late that your fire sprinkler system has maintenance issues that prevented it from operating as required.

This is where a partnership with a reputable fire protection equipment service company becomes valuable. Ensuring that proper testing, servicing, inspections and maintenance’s are being preformed can be an extremely daunting task for the business owner. Trust New Jersey Fire Equipment to take care of tracking all of the details required to provide the proper maintenance of your fire equipment, so you can take care of your business.


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Fire Sprinkler Maintenance