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Studies have shown that when properly used fire extinguishers  save lives and property by extinguishing small firea or controlling larger ones until additional help can arrive.


Let New Jersey Fire Equipment’s expert staff and fully trained technicians help you select the proper size, number, and type of fire extinguishers needed for your facility.

We can help save you money by inspecting and maintaining your existing equipment or installing new portable fire extinguishers where needed, all while ensuring that your facility meet the proper fire code requirements.


In order for your employees to be effective when using a portable fire extinguisher, they must be properly educated and trained on how to use the fire extinguisher and how to extinguish a fire.

New Jersey Fire Equipment can provide complete on site fire extinguisher education and training program, to teach your saff how to properly and safely use portable fire extinguishers effectively.


We keep your fire extinguishers serviced and ready to use when you need them. We can perform annual fire extinguisher services including inspection, testing and maintenance. All of our portable extinguisher service technicians are properly trained service and recharge your portable fire extinguishers.


  • Annual Maintenance – Per NFPA 10
  • 6-Year Maintenance – The fire extinguisher is broken down and internally / visually checked for damage, corrosion, and functional problems.
  • Hydro Test – Every 5 or 12 years (depending on type) fire extinguishers are required to be completey broken down and emptied. The extinguisher cylinder is pressure tested for defects. If the cylinder passes, the extinguisher can be recharged and put back in service.