Fire Department Citations Violations Corrected


Winter Time and Cold Freezing Temperatures are here!

Protect your fire sprinkler system piping and check your dry pipe fire sprinkler system drains!

Even though your Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems typically does not contain water, it may still be vulnerable to onset of cold weather and freezing temperatures.  Excess water can build up in your dry pipe fire sprinkler systems through the regular annual and quarterly testing and inspection activities, as well as condensation. This excess water needs to be drained each year before the onset of cold winter freezing temperatures.

Dry system drains are usually and commonly referred to as “Drum Drips” or “Condensate Drains”. Drum drip drains have two valves, most often separated by a short length of pipe.  The reason for the two valves and pipe is to allow the water captured in the system to be drained without shutting the fire sprinkler down or accidentally tripping the dry fire sprinkler system valve.  Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems have air pressure on them constantly and when this air escapes the pipe, the fire sprinkler main water valve will open allowing water into the system.

Operating the  drum drip type of drain is a simple task. The first and most important rule is to make sure one of the drain valves is closed at all times! This will keep all of the air from escaping and tripping the fire sprinkler system.

To operate the drum drip drain

1) Close the bottom valve

2) Then open the top valve (which will allow water to drain into the short barrel of pipe)

3) Close the top valve

4) Then open the bottom valve (this will allow the water to drain out of the short piece of pipe between the valves).

5) Repeat and keep alternating the valves as before until all the water is drained.


If you think you have a lot of water in the fire sprinkler system, then you will need to shut down the system and drain from it from Main Drain.  This may be harder but far, far better than a frozen and broken water main.


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