Morris County – NJ – Fire Extinguisher Services

Do you need your fire protection equipment serviced and inspected ? Call New Jersey Fire Equipment LLC @ 973-784-3119 for prompt profession services.

New Jersey Businesses need Fire Extinguishers Serviced and Inspected Annually – NJ Fire Equipment LLC can help – call (973) 784-3119

We are NJ Fire Equipment LLC … Call us Today! We are located in NJ and service New Jersey!

New Jersey Fire Equipment LLC is your your answer to the servicing and maintenance of all fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire suppression system, fire alarms!

We specialize in the service, repair and preventative maintenance of fire equipment for customers across New Jersey.  Whether your facility has one extinguisher or 100’s of extinguishers, our technicians are the answer for your fire extinguisher service and inspection needs!

Did you know that you are required to have a licensed and certified company perform the inspection and service on your Fire Extinguishers in NJ?

New Jersey Fire Equipment’s technicians will perform the inspections in accordance with manufacture guidelines, NFPA Standard 10, and the local Authority Having Jurisdiction. The inspection will be coordinated with the your facility manager to ensure that it is being completed a time convenient for your business.

An inspection performed by a certified NJ Fire Equipment technician will include:

· Visual inspection
· Verify current hydrostatic and 6-year maintenance dates
· Inspect pressure gauge
· Inspect shell, valve and discharge hose for damage/corrosion
· Inspect carry handle and push lever for functionality
· Install new tamper seal
· Clean shell and install certification tag

With the use of NJ Fire’s advanced computer technology and IPad software, all of you fire equipment preventative maintenance will be preformed when needed. This will ensure that the annual extinguisher inspections will be completed at the same time each year! Giving you peace of mind that your business and facility will never be out of compliance!

Although the annual inspection is only needed once a year, you can call New Jersey Fire Equipment 24/7 to recharge a discharged unit, replace an annual inspection tag, reinstall a dropped extinguisher, and/or replace a damaged component or the entire unit.

No matter the time or the reason, NJ Fire is your answer to a safe and compliant store!

Morris County – NJ – Fire Extinguisher Services

Say yes to New Jersey Fire Equipment, the premier fire extinguisher service company in NJ.

Morris County - NJ - Fire Extinguisher Services

Morris County – NJ – Fire Extinguisher Services

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