High Flow Heavy Duty Fire Extinguishers

If you need to meet the demands where NFPA 10 requires the installation of high flow extinguishers,installations where hazards such as pressurized flammable liquids, pressurized gas, or three dimensional fires exist,but they are also equipped with additional features that make them less susceptible to damage and wear that would take other extinguishers out of service – let NJ Fire Equipment help with – Heavy Duty High Flow Fire Extinguishers.


Key Features
• Exceeds UL and NFPA requirement for 1 lb. per second discharge rate
• Rugged steel cylinders and nickel-plated brass valves
• Galvanizing compound coating with a baked–on polyester epoxy finish coat
provides unmatched corrosion protection – passes 3000 hr salt spray test
• Stainless Steel operating handles and Pull Pin
• Plated brass gauge guard and protective vinyl foot ring
• UL and ULC Listed
• Meets DOT and TC requirements
• US Coast Guard Approved with listed marine bracket
• Trilingual labels-English, Spanish, and French
• Widest selection of agents and sizes in the industry

• Operating temperature is -65°F to 120°F
• Operating pressure 195 psi

Buckeye Certs