Fire Equipment Inspections

Regular, periodic testing and inspection for your fire equipment is the best defense against failure and having properly operating fire protection equipment is important s that you may continue to operate your business in the event of a fire.

New Jersey Fire Equipment offers complete inspection and testing services for fire extinguishers, fire alarm, sprinkler systems, special hazard suppression systems and restaurant hood fire suppression systems. We also, provide complete fire sprinkler maintenance and fire pump testing services.

Some of the many maintenance, service, inspection and testing services we offer:

  • Annual inspection and recommended testing of all fire extinguishers.
  • Quarterly and Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspections
  • Back-flow Prevention Inspections
  • Regular periodic inspection, testing and maintenance on all types of fire protection systems
  • Regular inspection of all special hazard suppression systems
  • Semi-Annual Inspections and Maintenance of Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems
  • Inspection reports and documents transmitted electronically to the customer
  • Reoccurring service plans automatically schedule inspections well in advance of the expiration date

New Jersey Fire Equipment has built its reputation on exceeding our customers exceptions and providing superior customer service.  We specialize in the inspection and maintenance of all varieties of fire protection equipment and systems.

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Fire Equipment Inspections

Fire Equipment Inspections NJ


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