We are licensed by the State of NJ for the Service of your Fire Extinguishers

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We provide all necessary documentation for the Service of your Fire Extinguishers and provide the necessary documentation and reports for your local fire inspector in East Rutherford and for your insurance company.

We offer local businesses in East Rutherford prompt Service of their Fire Extinguishers.

East Rutherford New Jersey – Fire Extinguisher Service

NJ Fire Equipment is a full service fire equipment service company providing Fire Extinguisher Service in East Rutherford.

Do you operate a business or restaurant and need Fire Extinguisher Service in East Rutherford NJ?

We keep your fire extinguishers serviced and ready to use when you need them. We can perform annual fire extinguisher services including inspection, testing and maintenance.

All of our portable extinguisher service technicians are properly trained to service and recharge your portable fire extinguishers.

Services Include:
– Monthly Inspections
– Annual Maintenance – Per NFPA 10
– 6-Year Maintenance – The fire extinguisher is broken down and internally / visually checked for damage, corrosion, and functional problems.
– Hydro Test – Every 5 or 12 years (depending on type) fire extinguishers are required to be completely broken down and emptied. The extinguisher cylinder is pressure tested for defects. If the cylinder passes, the extinguisher can be recharged and put back in service.

Our technicians are fully trained to handle all your Service needs.

We are ready to provide Fire Extinguisher Service for you in East Rutherford

We furnish a full line of fire protection services for all companies, organizations, municipal agencies, and restaurants in New Jersey.

We provide scheduled, emergency, and preventative Service on all types of fire protection equipment. Striving to always deliver the best service possible.

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East Rutherford New Jersey Fire Extinguisher Service